Psyche spent her childhood in Normandy, brought up by the history and myths of northern Europe. After completing her studies in psychology, she went to live in Brittany attracted by the strong identity and folklore of this region, as well as by Brocéliande, the legendary forest where she now resides.

In 2006, Psyche began her photographic experience as model by working with David Arraez. Model for L'oreal or Wella amongst many others, she collaborated for many years with photographers from Caen, Rennes, Paris and London, favoring fine art photography to commercial photography.


In 2016, nourished by her experience as a model during ten years and wishing to create her own visual universe, Psyche decided to devote herself to a more personal photographic research. She learned photography and began a series for which she is both model and photographer.

Psyche draws her inspiration from the Fairy Tales, the Romanticism, the Gothic fictions, the Art Nouveau movement or the beauty of Pre-Raphaelite paintings.
Her passion for literature and her experience as a psychologist lead her to explore the themes of dream and unconscious.
Psyche recounts her photographies. She nourishes her projects at the source of dreams and develops a dreamlike aesthetic tinged with romanticism, sometimes dark, sometimes luminous.

In 2017, Psyche continues her creations, supported by advanced publishing and printing equipments, and develops her prints in the studio she shares with her partner, ther painter Yoann Lossel, with whom she multiplies artistic collaborations : photographic or pictorial.


Exhibitions & Press & Publication


Taschen « The Library of Esoterica ».


Exhibition "Creatures of Water", Comper Castle, Brittany, France.


Photo Vogue Italia
Beautiful Bizarre Magazine
Enchanted Living (Faerie Magazine)
Dark Beauty Magazine

BeauNu Magazine